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Haven Paperie launched in May 2014 as a stationery subscription and expanded into wholesale in 2016.

Owner + designer, Heidi Heth's love for design, paper, and fonts coupled with her desire for meaningful

connection and intentional communication inspired her to start Haven.

What started as a simple stationery subscription has now expanded into a product line
including greeting card, prints, mini cards, and notepads.

In this technology driven world, it's rare to find a thoughtful, handwritten letter tucked in between bills and junk mail.

Birthday cards have been replaced by Facebook posts and texts.

Kids won't stumble upon love letters written between their parents or grandparents hidden away in the attic.

We've lost the art of communicating in written form, and we want to help bring it back.

Where to Buy

We are so grateful to be carried in a variety of stores across the U.S.

and internationally in Canada and Japan.

Find a complete list of Stockists here

Heidi has been wonderful to work with; she is always good-natured, flexible and prompt in filling orders. We love working with her and are pleased to be carrying her cards and prints at Homespun. Her designs attract a lot of attention and sell very, very well for us."
- Amanda, Owner of Homespun, Indianapolis IN

Heidi Heth

Why I Started Designing

Greeting Cards >

"To be honest, I started Haven during a very hard period of my life. I was feeling broken in a million different ways and trying to make sense of life. At that time, I had been a custom designer for close to 10 years, doing everything from logos and wedding invitations to websites and anything in between. But, I was feeling stuck.
I started designing greeting cards.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but the cards I was designing held the words that I wished people had said or would say to me. I was, in a sense, giving my heart the care it needed."
Heidi Heth
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