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Affirmations mini cards (set of 20)

Affirmations mini cards (set of 20)

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This colorful affirmation mini card set is perfect for so many reasons. Slip them in lunch boxes, tape them to mirrors, leave them on the dashboard, a co-worker's desk, or someone's pillow before bed. Jot a note on the back or leave it blank, either way, the sentiment will be felt.

Great gift idea for teachers to give to their students.


Set of 20:

  1. You are awesome
  2. You are beautiful
  3. You are the best
  4. You are so brave
  5. You can do it
  6. You are one cool cat
  7. You are doing great
  8. You are enough
  9. You are a gem
  10. You are a genius
  11. You got this
  12. You are an inspiration
  13. You are loved
  14. You made my day
  15. You rock
  16. You are a rockstar
  17. You are so cool
  18. You are so strong
  19. You are so thoughtful
  20. You are my world


Blank on back
Flat cards
2 x 3.5 (business card size)
Does Not Include Envelopes

*Mini cards are too small to mail so tuck them in a gift, lunchbox, briefcase or some place where it can be found.


    Set of 20 cards

    Blank back
    Flat cards
    2 x 3.5 (business card size)
    Does not include envelopes

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