Why You Won’t Find a “Happy Mother’s Day” Card in Our Subscription

There is an enormous amount of thought and consideration that is invested each month to make our stationery subscription as positive and impactful and relatable to as many people as we can.

I often get asked when I talk about our subscription, “Do you include [insert specific holiday] cards?”

My answer is usually something like this: “I do include cards that can be used for that occasion, but they won’t say Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Easter, etc.”

And here’s why.

Our subscribers range from young 20 year old single gals to 70 year old grandmothers and everyone in between. That’s a broad audience. And while I know I won’t always hit the mark on where people are at or what they might be facing or what cards they might be needing, I do my best to consider how each card I design will be used and received.

For some people, holidays like Mother’s Day are incredibly painful. Maybe they’ve lost their mom. Maybe they have two moms. Maybe their mom is abusive and they want nothing to do with her. Maybe their mom is dying of an illness and it’s not the happiest of times for either party. Maybe the subscriber herself has tried desperately to have children and Mother’s Day is that punch-in-the-gut reminder that she is childless. The list could go on.

So, while you won’t find a card that says “Happy Mother’s Day” in your subscription, you will get perfect substitutes like these that can be used for Mother’s Day…or not.

haven paperie she is card

Perfect for any female occasion.haven paperie thanks for being you

Gender neutral so it can be used for anyone their grateful for.
haven paperie stationery subscriptionhaven paperie stationery subscription mama birdGreat card for baby showers, new moms, or even grandmothers.

There are endless options with the cards we include and that’s what we strive for every month.

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