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I’ve missed a couple of months, but I am excited to finally bring you our third Subscriber Spotlight! The goal of these spotlights is to foster this Haven community we have, share life and the stories we are living, and maybe even learn something from each other along the way.

This spotlight is a little more personal for me because this woman happens to also be my sister-in-law. She’s fierce and gracious and adventurous and ambitious and has more energy than five people combined. No joke.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my Nina.

Where do you currently live? Are you originally from the place you live now?
I live in Alexandria, Virginia. I am originally from the beautiful West Coast (Washington state), so I am the weird girl on the East Coast (Washington DC) who geeks out about moss and seeing rosettas in her foam and finding cast off furniture on the side of the road.
What is something you love about your city?
I keep my world REALLY small. I have everything I need within miles of my home – coffee shops to walk to, a park for my kids, our [personal training and wellness] business just a mile away, and a quaint organic grocery store within minutes. My heart is content!
Tell us a couple of your favorite spots in Northern VA.
Picture Kelly green doors, dark wood farm tables with potted succulent centerpieces and vases of white hydrangeas, gourmet locally roasted coffee in organic local milk, and you have my new favorite spot in Del Ray called Stomping Ground. They serve lattes, scones, and lunch salads loaded with avocado and bacon and serve them on antique china sets donated by local ladies. What is not to love?
Tell us a little bit about your business and the line of work you are in.
My husband and I run a personal training and wellness center. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach, but mostly I just teach boot camps at 6am at an outdoor field.
We are really passionate about bringing a more holistic approach to fitness through educating our clients about traditional nutrition, offering wellness services such as Naturopathy, acupuncture and massage as well as cooking classes, grocery store tours, and 21-Day Re-Boot groups! It is such an amazing thing to see people come to us because they need exercise and be delighted to change their entire lifestyle toward health and longevity.
You are such an inspiration to so many in your life, who/what inspires you?
More recently I have had to take more of a back seat role in our business and focus on homeschooling my rising 3rd grader and Kindergartener-while juggling my 1 year old.  I have really loved homeschooling for our family and yet it is the hardest endeavor of my entire life.  I find so much of my daily encouragement from the other homeschooling mothers I know from my Classical Conversation community who continue to amaze me with their, encouragement, examples of patience and organization, commitment and wisdom. So many weeks when I have wanted to throw in the towel, I feel like God speaks to me through them with just what I need and it is invaluable to me.
What is something people are often surprised to find out about you?
Haha. My family makes fun of me because I can’t scream. Physically, it won’t work…so when I am at a theme park on a ride or when someone startles me, what comes out of my mouth sounds closer to a low-pitched man’s growl. My family finds it amusing.
Describe your idea of a perfect summer day?
Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with MudProductions.comThe perfect summer day is one when I am on a Caribbean cruise. It would involve getting up in the morning eating breakfast that I didn’t have to make, slapping on a swimsuit and hopping off the boat to some tropical excursion. Returning to the ship thirsty, tan and ready for Mexican food-and ending the day at a fancy dinner, dolled up with red lipstick and heels next to my man.
Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with
Obviously, you’re a big foodie since that’s part of your job. Share a favorite summer recipe with us.
Mint! Grow it and blend it into smoothies, popsicles, sprinkle it on watermelon, make iced mint tea, include it in yogurt for fruit salad-it just tastes like summer!
How long have you been a Haven subscriber?
Proud to say I was one of Haven’s first customers. I haven’t missed a subscription since the beginning!
What has been your favorite thing about being a subscriber?
I love how it reminds me to do something I find so valuable – express gratitude toward the people I cherish.
Set the scene for us. My ideal setting for writing letters looks like…
Oh, I am easy. It involves all three of my children occupying themselves in some other room of the house. And the perfect flowing fine tip ballpoint pen. That is all I need. Oh, and maybe one of those lattes from Stomping Grounds.


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