Subscriber Spotlight: Meet Kimber M.

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Ta-da! Welcome to the first official Haven Subscriber Spotlight featuring stories and snippets of our subscribers’ lives!

I am so excited to start this and to learn more about these people who are the reason Haven Paperie exists. It means more than they probably realize. So, grab your cup of coffee or hot tea (or chocolate!) and let’s get lost together for a few minutes. Without further ado, I give you our first spotlight-er.

Everyone, say hi to Kimber.

In the Sewing Room

{ In the Sewing Room }

When I approached Kimber about being a part of this, she was so fun and “totally up for it!!” Her enthusiasm was contagious. I hope you’ll enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

What part of the country do you live in? And, are you originally from the place you live now?
I live in Charlotte, NC, a beautiful place rich in history, a diverse climate, and a wealth of flowers and birds.  I was born here but grew up down the road in Seneca, SC and returned in 1990 when I was a sophomore in high school.  That exact same month, when he was in college, my future husband’s family moved from Texas and we met at a state university in the mountains here.  Luckily, that means our whole family is here in this city or vicinity.
What is something you appreciate about your city?
Many would think we are dunked and covered in NASCAR here, but I see Charlotte as more of a southernly respectable place, with growing options for restaurants, a new light rail system, great public parks, creativity, sports, and culture.  We are close to both the mountains (2 hours) and the beach (4). I can’t help it, I think the Blue Ridge Mountains are the most beautiful things in the world, and I deeply appreciate that they’re just an easy day trip away.
Beacon Heights

{ Beacon Heights }

What line of work are you in?
I work a little for my husband’s business but mostly I cook and fold clothes and hug on our daughters for a living.  When I can, I sneak away to the best sewing room in Charlotte which happens to be in my basement to get totally lost in fabric and making projects of all kinds come to life!
What is something people are often surprised to find out about you?
I’m part CrossFitter, part passionate quilter.  I imagine it’s rare that those two things show up in the same person.
What smells do you love?
a flower from the garden, coffee in my hands, my children after a bath, cookies in the oven
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
I’d learn how to ride a dirt bike (fast!) and get out on the trails to race with my husband.
What is your favorite thing/activity to do with friends?
Eat a slow dinner on a patio.  After our manicures.
How long have you been a Haven subscriber?
Since December
Why do you subscribe? Or, what has been your favorite thing about being a subscriber?
My dear friend Ashley made the move from Charlotte to Seattle in 2012.  For part of my 40th birthday last December, she gifted me the most beautiful poem about how she sees me and she gave me a Haven subscription to top it off.  Now when I get my Haven cards in the mail, I’m not only reminded of our friendship but I’m also able to use the significance of paper to spread the love.
A handwritten sentiment runs deep and true and these cards are just so beautiful.  Opening well designed, non-cheesy, high quality, and lovingly delivered cards is the first step to a meaningful process and it’s just so fun.  I can’t find cards like this anywhere else, and sending them off is my favorite part, knowing someone I love will open it and read it and know that they are the reason for the creation and contents of this piece of artistry, beginning to end.


Thanks so much for sharing some of your life with us, Kimber!

Anyone else think she totally has to learn to ride a dirt bike now?! Show her some love in the comments section below.

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