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Welcome to our fourth Subscriber Spotlight! The goal of these spotlights is to foster this Haven community we have, to share life and the stories we are living, and maybe even learn something from each other along the way.

This subscriber has been so intentional about being a part of the Haven community and has shared bits of herself and her story with me that make me feel connected to her even though we live thousands of miles apart. I hope to sit across from her at a coffee shop one day and hear even more.

Okay, go grab a cup of hot tea (or coffee or wine or whatever you choose) and get ready to meet Jaymie V.


What part of the country do you live in? Are you originally from the place you live now?
I live in Brooklyn, NY. I have been in New York for the past 16 years, but am originally, and will always consider myself, from Maine. Being a Mainer never leaves someone. It’s like it imprints on your soul and no matter where one lives they are still a Mainer at heart. I visit Maine often and hope one day to return and live full time in a small cabin overlooking the ocean/lake. I recently went home over Columbus weekend. Below are some photos of just how gorgeous it is. But more importantly, the people are wonderful, warm and genuine.
Fall trees in Maine Fall in Maine


What is something interesting/you love about your city? Where would you take visitors to your city?
Brooklyn is made up of so many unique little neighborhoods. From the promenade in Brooklyn Heights to the Boardwalk in Coney Island there is something for everyone. And restaurants – wonderful, varied, farm to table, artsy, and quirky restaurants. When visitors come we rarely even go into Manhattan proper as Brooklyn has so much to offer.
An ideal day (that I did recently with a friend visiting) is to walk around Red Hook (a laid-back neighborhood in western Brooklyn) .Take the Raaka chocolate factory tour and then grab lunch/brunch at Fort Defiance (order the Ramos Gin Fizz**).
Next, check out some of the local shops: Foxy & Winston for letterpress cards and linens. Then visit the Brooklyn Waterfront and make your way over to Red Hook Winery to sample an eclectic list on a wharf. Next, grab a slice of key lime Pie from Steve’s Key Lime Pie and finally, walk over Sunny’s Bar – in operation since 1890 with all of the charm.
Another great day in good weather would be to head over to Prospect Park and walk the 3 mile loop and then take to the water in a paddleboat. Sit in the meadow and enjoy a picnic and then catch a show (in summer) at the Bandshell or take in some art at the nearby Brooklyn Museum (the first Saturday of every month is free and it stays open until 10pm). Endless possibilities!

Photo by Jin-Sup Lee

What line of work are you in?
I am the Manager of Special Projects and Executive Assistant to the Director of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Having been in the WTC the morning of September 11, 2001 is something that you can never shake. I am tremendously honored to work with a great group of people at an institution that honors and remembers those that passed away.
What is something people are often surprised to find out about you?
I am a nerd for all things Sci Fi, am obsessed with stationary – I have crates of it, love the color red and comfort food, detest when people are rude.
garrettandjaymWhat was the last movie/TV show/book that made you cry?
Any video / show depicting an animal rescue. I have a rescue dog and cat and I love them to pieces and hate the abuse and neglect they felt before me.
weebsholiday IMG_3764
What is your favorite thing about Fall?
I feel like we all start to slow down a bit in the fall. There seems to be more time for a good book or time with a friend. Feeling cozy in a big warm sweater and coffee. Also, knowing that the holidays and some needed time off are around the bend.
What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Injuries from playing capture the flag.
Did you celebrate Halloween as a child? If so, what was your favorite costume?
Halloween was big in the small town of Standish, Maine where I grew up and we celebrated it into college. A friend and I once went as Wayne and Garth and won a big contest! It was an easy costume but fun and we nailed it.
How long have you been a Haven subscriber?
Hmmmm, I believe I started in May of last year. I have actually kept every packet and notecard and only use a card if I have a back-up that I purchased from the site.
Why do you subscribe?
I love being part of a community that values this form of communication. In today’s era of quick texts and emails it is nice to continue thoughtful correspondence. Additionally, I love that the cards are unique and the personal note that Heidi sends every month.
Best or most cherished letter you’ve ever received.
A letter asking me to be a friend’s child’s godmother.


Thanks so much for sharing a part of your world, Jaymie, and for giving us so many great spots to check out the next time we’re in New York!

**And, since we can’t all hop on a plane to Brooklyn to try that Ramos Gin Fizz Jaymie mentioned, I figured maybe you could give it a try at home or at your next brunch party. Of course, I couldn’t suggest this without giving you a fun recipe card. Print, make and enjoy!

adorable Ramos Gin Fizz printable recipe card

Click photo or here to download

If you are a subscriber and would like to contribute, we would love to feature you! Email Heidi at

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