My trick to hanging pictures right the first time


Okay, you know those art pieces/frames/shelves you buy thinking they will look just perfect in such and such a spot in your home or office? And then you get ready to hang them and realize whomever decided on the hanging technique for the piece must hate you and hate life because they expect you to be a hanging ninja who can accurately drill two screw heads at just the right distance and angle and alignment to get them to fit in those tiny holes or loops on the back?

back-of-artworkYeah, those things.

After excessive amounts of trial-and-error nail holes in my walls and discord between my husband and me whenever I asked for his help hanging something over the years, I finally came up with a technique that I have been using and feel compelled to share.

My husband has a new found love for Hobby Lobby and bought a couple of pieces of artwork that we hung over the weekend. And, here’s how we did it…


I lay a piece of masking tape or painters tape across the hanging pieces. Note: I found this amazingly helpful ruler masking tape at Target.

Please ignore the fact that I put the ruler upside down…I am a professional at this technique. ;) step2

I then use the nail or screw I am planning to use and punch a hole in the spot where it will need to be hung.step3

 We then transfer the tape to the wall where we want to hang the picture.


And then, we use a measuring tape and level to position the tape in the exact position we want it.step5Next, we nail or drill your screw right where the previously made nail holes are on the tape.
step7 step8

Remove the tape.
step9Hang the pieces on the wall! We rarely miss the mark with this hanging technique. It’s been super helpful.Photo Feb 21, 5 09 35 PM

Hopefully this will save you from excessive nail holes or all those frustrating attempts as well.

Best of luck! Let me know if you try it OR if you have a different technique you use to hang photos or artwork. I’d love to hear it!

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