Meet our giveaway winner

In May, Haven Paperie celebrated it’s 1st birthday by giving away a year subscription. We asked people to write a handwritten letter in which they introduced themselves and shared a favorite word or quote.

Carolina “Caro” was the winner of our contest. Her letter and chosen quote were thoughtful, insightful, and a delight to read.

I asked Caro if she would be willing to share some of the same info (and more!) from her letter with you all. She was very happy to oblige.

Q: You wrote in your letter some fun random facts about yourself, would you share some of those and maybe a couple others? 
Sure! Let’s see if I can remember some of those facts…My favorite meal of the day is breakfast (sorry, I don’t understand people who skip breakfast!), I like to sing in the car, I have curly hair, I will eat your french fries, I have an affinity for mini things, I like buying books, and I love receiving mail!
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Q: You submitted this quote from C.S. Lewis as one of your favorites. Can you share a couple things that have changed for you and what that’s been like?C.S. Lewis quote
Great question! When I wrote that quote in my letter to you, I had just recently finished my last subject in high school and then that next week my very last sister got married. I am officially the graduated-only-daughter at home. It’s weird to suddenly have no urgent deadlines; take that last test or order that dress before its too late. Last year, it felt like I was never ever going to finish high school and I couldn’t imagine daily life without my sister. Now, both are gone.When I read that C.S. Lewis quote, my mind instantly goes to the many hard, sad changes in my wee life. The human life goes through so many changes, many of which will never reach national or even local news. But what these changes do to the human life, is more important than what national news will ever cover. These little moments in the life of human are what really matter. These little moments are what shape us, and, hopefully, mature us. And often times we don’t realize it until we look back and “everything is different”.
Q: What advice would you give people who say they don’t like change?
Learn to be a good learner, and  have hope. It’s been hard to accept the change and get used to the new Marques family trio. Often times I’ve caught myself trying to fill the gap of the missing sister, make up for all the quietness, but it never REALLY works. Don’t arch your back at change just because its change. Though I never would have wanted the change I learned to trust and hope in God again and again, and looking back, I’m grateful to where God has brought me because of the changes in my life.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Q: I laughed when you mentioned “being an old lady at heart”, what makes you feel like that?
Well, I’m very much a person of habit and I have an affinity for old things (and people). For example, I have a routine when I get up in the morning and go to bed at night that is a source of hilarious jokes for my family. I shuffle my feet on tile, avoid talking to people in the morning, and I could easily imagine my self in a cottage by the sea, with cats, and daily cups of tea.
Also, I love watching black and white tv shows (What’s My Line, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Jack Benny, and I Love Lucy to name a few), almost any Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film, and I have this great Golden Oldies Comedy Radio station on Pandora (I love Bob Newhart, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and Bill Cosby). Oh and pearls! Pearls are one of my favorite things when dressing for an occasion.
Q: You live in Houston, and I know from years of living in TX myself that it is basically summer year round, but tell us a couple of your favorite summer time activities.
Summer activities can be hard to do with the intense humidity, but when you embrace the fact that you will sweat, its not so bad. I love to go biking on the trails in the back of our neighborhood, go blueberry picking in May-June (there’s this awesome snow cone stand outside the blueberry farm), go to Miller outdoor theater for free concerts, meeting up friends for ice cream, and taking the grandkids to the pool. Basically, you live normal life, but just add the perks of slushies, ice cream, snow cones, and water after every event.IMG_2038
Q: Now that you’ll be getting new cards each month with your subscription, share some of your letter writing tips. Who do you usually write? What compels you to write? When do you write? In what environment or mood do you like to write?
I’m glad you asked! My most constant pen pal started from an old book I bought at an estate sale. In the book I found a letter from 1970! It was written by a lady, expecting her fourth child, who was writing to her friend. The letter was too cute not to find its owner, so I wrote to the return address, asking if the lady wanted her letter back. A couple weeks later she replied, and for the last four years we have been writing. She’s a little older than my Grandma.
Whenever I write any kind of letter, I’ll jot down a rough outline or points that I want to make sure to hit. The neat thing about writing letters, is that forces me to sit down and collect my thoughts and reflect. When writing letters, I usually need a quiet space with a view to the outside close by.
My most frequent place of writing is at my little roll top desk (old lady alert!) so I have the option to stare at all my cards and little papers, or look out my window. My most inspiring times of writing usually happen in the late afternoon or at night – like right now.


Side Note: All the wedding photos attached below are credited to Christina Hastings Photography. She was so kind to let [Caro] have a few before she posts them on her site.


Thanks so much for sharing parts of you with us, Caro! Congrats on all the changes, welcomed and forced upon you. They can only make you stronger.

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