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If you don’t happen to live in Seattle and can’t make it to the upcoming kolor night, I’ve got an idea! Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite flavor of Le Croix (ahem…grapefruit!), turn on your favorite slow jams, maybe invite a couple of friends over, and join us from wherever you are.


I would love to transport myself to all of your cities and have one gigantic event, but that time travel thing hasn’t been worked out yet. So, until my time machine is built, l would love for you to plan to join me from afar. Host your own coloring night November 16, December 2 and/or December 16.

I’ll make it even easier for you. Below are links to several of the coloring pages that will be on hand at the event. All you need is colored pencils or markers or crayons and you’re set for a relaxing evening.



Holiday Themed
Christmas Village Street
Winter Forest Scene
Hanging Ornaments

Fall Themed
Fall foliage
Owl mandala

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” Even though it may be made up of other shapes, such as squares or triangles, a mandala has a concentric structure. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, that symbolize harmony and unity.

Circles (My fav!)
Circles 2
Geometric 2
New York Buildings

From the Secret Garden coloring book (5 pages)

Fox (right click on the image and ‘Save As’ to get the best print quality)
Owl mandala

Village Roofs

There are tons of other free printable coloring pages available online so go crazy and find a few that suit you. Maybe you could even have a theme for each night – Fall/Thanksgiving theme, holiday, mandalas night, etc.

I would love to hear how you felt afterward or what coloring was like for you. Was it nostalgic? Did you feel calmer or less stressed? Would you keep doing it?

Take a photo of your coloring night and share it with hashtag #havenkolornight so we can see what you create! Can’t wait to color with you from afar!

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