Kind words from a subscriber

I checked my email over the Labor Day weekend and found this email from a Haven subscriber:

My name is Maria, a current Haven Paperie subscriber. I received the Sept. 2015 stationary package today, 9/5, and I love it! I’ve been a subscriber for two months (Sept. being my 2nd month) and it is just so fun! I love getting such pretty and cute cards/stationary/stamps every month. It just saves me so much time from going out of my way to the drug store or card store to buy a card. I got so excited when I saw my package in my home mail box today and ran inside to open it!

Thank you so much for providing such a fun and time saving service! I subscribe to card and stationary mail subscriptions to not just get such pretty cards, but to save me time when I need to get cards. And I am very satisfied with Haven Paperie! I know the big holidays are coming up and I am so excited to see what cards and stationary will be coming for Thanksgiving and Xmas! I will most definitely be using the cards Haven Paperie sends me!

Thank you so much and please keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

I was so touched by this kind, unsolicited review of Haven, and it is with Maria’s permission that I shared her words.

It is a pleasure doing what I do, and this email made my holiday weekend that much sweeter.

Thank you from every corner of my heart, Maria!


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