Indiana Stockist: Homespun Modern Handmade

Since Haven Paperie is celebrating it’s 3rd birthday, we want to celebrate by highlighting some of our stockists who make it possible to keep doing what we do. We’ll be posting about different shops throughout the month of May so stay tuned.


I live a hop, skip, and a jump from this great shop on Massachusetts Ave, affectionately referred to as Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis. Homespun: Modern Handmade is filled with unique handmade products from independent artists and makers. There is almost always something new to look at and I love how much they support their local people.

Homespun Mass Ave downtown Indianapolis

I asked owner of Homespun, Amanda Taflinger, what a favorite spot is in Indy.

“I love Tuttle Orchards. It’s way out east, outside the city limits of Indy, but I’ve been going there since I was a kid, on field trips in elementary school and with my family, year after year, to pick pumpkins and apples seasonally. Also, they have the best caramel apples in the world, and sometimes during the fall I find myself making the 40+ minute drive from downtown Indy almost weekly just to get one of those delicious caramel apples. Or possibly a box of six.

I also really love The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Even if you’re not a kid, this museum is still fascinating and ever changing. My son went to preschool there and my daughter will start preschool there this coming fall, and it’s the most magical preschool experience I could have dreamed up for them. I never get tired of spending time at TCM.”
I would have to agree with Amanda about the Children’s Museum. It’s a great spot for all ages and has rotating exhibits so there is generally something new to discover. It’s also a highly interactive museum, so unlike most museums where you’re on edge making sure the kids don’t touch everything in sight, kids are encouraged to touch and experience things at TCM. Highly recommend.
Homespun modern handmade on mass ave indy
What’s Amanda’s favorite thing about Homespun?
We expanded our storefront from our original 850 square feet to almost 2000 square feet about 3 years ago. Now we are located on The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a walking, running and biking path that cuts through the city. We get so much foot traffic from folks coming off the trail; people stop in on their way in to work in the morning, on their lunch breaks, and on their commute home in the evenings. Folks stop in when their family is out for a walk and they’ve got the baby in the stroller or a kiddo on a scooter, and they bring their dogs in when they are out for a stroll around the block.
We’ve got constant activity in the shop and we have a great balance of loyal regular customers, as well as new folks in from out of town. Also, the 800 block of Mass Ave has a great balance of local businesses that complement ours – a fresh juice bar, a chocolate shop, a modern quilting shop, a bookstore, a tattoo parlor, a board game parlor, several restaurants at different price points, a salon and more. I can also walk to the shop from my house, so that is an added bonus.
Since it is your 3rd birthday (and since I have a fantastic sweet tooth), I will give you THREE dessert recommendations.
1 – Mint Matcha Brownies from Milktooth
2 – Pound Cake from Festiva
3 – Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Best Chocolate in Town

If you haven’t been to Homespun, or if you find yourself in town for a visit, I highly suggest you stop in. You’ll most definitely find something you can’t leave the store without…even if that’s just an Indianapolis postcard to remember your trip. And say hi to Claire, Amanda (there’s two!), Megan, Anna and everyone else who is certain to greet you.

Amanda and Claire Homespun IndyFind them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @homespunindy.

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