Happy National Sibling Day

In honor of National Siblings Day, I thought I would introduce you to my own siblings.

I have three. Two brothers, Christian and Mud (more on that later), and one sister, Heather. I always thought it was kind of cool having four kids in my family, and other people seemed to think “four is a lot!” It seemed like a big deal that there were four of us. I’m not entirely sure why. It just did.

And so, here we are, in roughly 1988.



And again in summer 1993 or 1994.



And in June 2003, at Christian’s rehearsal dinner on the beach. June 2003

jumping in front of the White House

A few interesting facts about us collectively:

  • We all consider ourselves introverts
  • We moved around quite a bit growing up…no, we were not military
  • Other than Mud, none of us really had nicknames that stuck
  • People have a hard time figuring out our birth order
  • We are often each described as driven, hard working, disciplined
  • We all own our own businesses

But, there are big differences between the four of us as well.


Meet Christian

christianChristian is the oldest. And with that title he shouldered the responsibility of collecting nicknames such as “Trishin”, “Chin chin”, and most notably “Caca”, from us younger siblings learning to talk. Fortunately for him, and as I mentioned previously, none of the nicknames stuck.


Christian and I learned to cook at very young ages, and we often made breakfast for the family together. Christian is the biggest “picker” of anyone else in my life. He thinks it’s his job to pick on me, tickle me, scare me, pretend ninja spar with me, [insert any other annoying thing an older brother would do here], etc. He claims it is his “brotherly right” or a “brother tax”. He is hard working and competitive to the max. He smack talks. He saves mini golf score cards and revives them at a later point in time to make sure we remember who won. He loves video games and sound effects, football, or more specifically the Dallas Cowboys, and the color red (you can almost guarantee he will be wearing red on a given day).

399780_10150539379675943_1077418597_n JoeyBirthday-4491

He is my fellow cruise enthusiast and helps me remember to dream big. He’s a supremely generous gift giver. And he is STUBBORN. The debate is still out as to who is more stubborn, Christian or Heather.


0031_Elliot Family

He’s a workout machine, a fitness and wellness studio owner, an adventurer, and has managed to father three of the most amazing littles I know with his Wonder Woman wife, Nina. (To prove my point about Nina, I direct you to the above White House jumping photo where Nina is front and jumping along with the rest of us…8 months pregnant.)

You can find out more about his holistic, ever-growing health and wellness biz here.


And now for the third in line…

Meet Heather

Heather could most easily be described as my exact opposite. And yet, somehow when people meet us, we inevitably hear, “You guys are twins!” or “You guys are SO much alike!” or something to that affect. No, we are not twins, and we have spent numerous hours with our faces inches from a mirror analyzing all the ways that make us not twins. Ask someone who knows us well and they will say “You guys are nothing alike.” It’s a strange thing.



Heather is younger than me by almost 3 1/2 years, but I have always considered her an “old soul”. Growing up this was a slight point of contention for us since she often tried to mother me. Despite our age difference, people often cannot tell which of us is older or younger, so we get to play the game where people awkwardly try to deduce who is the older sister. It amuses us.



Heather is unflappable in who she is and what she believes. She is a feeler, a nurturer, a dancer. She is tender and full of mercy (She got locked out the house once because she was letting a bug go). She loves Jane Austen and anything that transports her back to the 18th century where she can wear gloves and participate in some kind of “time period” dancing. Heather loves acting and more often than not breaks into conversation in some foreign accent, most often British.


She loves the smell of books, history, museums, and sign language. She longs for the day she visits Paris, but in the meantime she cares deeply for her pilates clients. And when she isn’t working on strengthening peoples’ cores, she is chasing her three year old daughter, who I dare say rivals Heather and her husband’s dramatic personalities. We laugh about this.


You can see and read more about Heather’s work here.


And last, but not least…I give you our resident baby of the family.

Meet Mud

p67117512-4me-mud-87Mud is the baby. And, yes, that is what we call him. His given name is Stephen, although I rarely use it, and when people refer to him as Stephen in conversation my brain takes a few seconds to catch up to who we’re talking about. He’s Mud.

Mud and Christian are 9 years apart, yet they get to play the “who is older game” as well.

Mud is the photographer in our family. Well, I should caveat that by saying he does photography as his grown up job (Heather and dad are also photographers).


Mud is one of the most laid back people I know, to the point where if the house was on fire, he’d saunter in and say, “Uhh guys, the house is on fire.” And when he broke his collar bone when he was young, he walked into the house with a lopsided upper body and calmly asked Heather, “Does my shoulder look weird?”


He’s always up for anything, gets along with pretty much anyone, gives high-fives like it’s his second job, and is the first person to volunteer to help in a situation. He seems to possess some sort of brute strength at times (carrying a 100lb great Dane for miles once). He sweats like a maniac (but never stinks…probably because he sweats so much), makes a mean BBQ turkey sandwich (that’s about it on the culinary skills), and reads those 1000+ page books that teach you how to use some software program. He forced himself to do certain tasks left-handed to allow himself to utilize more of his brain. I like to think he is just trying to be more like me. :)


He’s married to Lacey and they’ve made it a goal to voraciously experience life and seize opportunities…and take a jumping pic everywhere they visit.


You can check out some of Mud’s work here or here.


And that’s it! Those are my siblings condensed into a few paragraphs.

Happy Siblings Day! Love you, Christian, Heather, and Mud!


  • Mud commented on April 10, 2015 Reply

    Ha! What a trip down memory lane! Thanks for sharing, Loo!

  • Dominique C commented on April 10, 2015 Reply

    LOVED this!

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