Give more this holiday when you give a Haven Paperie subscription!

Haven Paperie gives back with gift subscriptionshaven-paperie-christmas2016-photo

I think one of the best gifts is one that continues to bring joy and excitement long after it is given.
That’s why I love subscriptions.
They are easy to give.
They feel special.
They are fun to anticipate and they continue for months.

But this holiday season, we wanted to take it a step further and give back. We have decided to donate a portion of all gift subscriptions purchased during the month of December to tangibly help people in need. We have chosen four specific causes.

sightOur donation will help cover the cost of simple eye surgery for someone who yearns to see, work, teach or read. feedOur donation will help deliver a month’s supply of sorghum, lentils, or other staple food items to families.
chicksOur donation will help supply a dozen baby chicks, help a family setup a coop, or offer basic veterinary care. waterOur donation will help provide clean water via tanks, filters, and/or drill a well to serve villagers.

For each gift subscription purchased December 1-31, Haven Paperie will donate $3 to whichever cause you select at checkout.

Haven Paperie will also pay the difference of any cause(s) not covered by gift subscriptions.


If you’re new to Haven Paperie and are curious how our gift subscription works, keep reading!

What gift options are available?

We offer 2, 3, 6 month and 1 year subscription options to fit any budget.

What is Included in the Gift Subscription?

example of Haven Paperie gift subscription

Your gift recipient will receive a carefully designed and packaged mailing that includes:

  • Gift Message from you (first mailing)
  • A note welcoming them to Haven
  • 3-5 new designer greeting cards
  • U.S. postage stamps
  • Enclosure letter
  • And, the occasional surprise (We have been known to include fun extras like pencils, bookmarks, coupons and others)

When Should I Purchase the Gift?

If you purchase the gift subscription in NOVEMBER, your gift recipient will begin receiving cards in December.. Translation: BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

If you purchase the gift subscription in DECEMBER, your gift recipient will begin receiving their cards in January.

After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to a printable 5×7 card that you can use to tell your recipient that they have a special gift on the way.

Print it. Put it in a fun envelope. Use it as a stocking stuffer. Wrap it. Whatever you choose.
We guarantee they will be delighted!



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