Edition 2: LOVES, Likes + Leaves

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Welcome to the second installment of LLL where I share some things that I am currently loving, liking, and leaving.

Before I dive in with the fun things I have to share with you, let’s recap each category so you know what is happening here.

LOVES = These will be anything (people, places, ideas, products, etc.) that I basically can’t get enough of and I find myself wanting to tell everyone I know about them.
Likes = Anything I think is pretty great, helpful, or useful or that I find myself continually going back to.
Leaves = “Ditching” is probably a better word than leaving, but Ditch doesn’t start with an L, so Leave it is. These will be things that I’m eliminating because they either aren’t adding value to my life, I’m trying to encourage better habits, or I just didn’t enjoy (i.e. that movie we watched over the weekend).

I’m excited to share some of my faves and hopefully introduce you to some new things!

Let’s get to my current LOVES, Likes + Leaves (LLL).


I have three loves for you this time because I couldn’t move one down to the Like category.

  • My homemade face moisturizer. I am very passionate about this moisturizer. (You can ask the overzealous TSA agent who brought out the worst in me when he exerted his TSA power and confiscated it on one of my recent trips to Seattle. I’m still mad about it.) I get asked fairly often about my skin or what products I use, and to be honest, I don’t use much. I’m pretty basic when it comes to my skincare regimen. I wear minimal makeup – no foundation, concealer, or powder. I wash my face with a gentle soap only at night. I may use this as toner, and then I apply my 4-ingredient moisturizer. I’ve recently started using an eye serum that I’ll recommend as well. More on that later.

rose water moisturizer homemade DIYYou can read a previous post on it for more info on the ingredients and tips for making it.

  • Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution **Detoxify & Energize with Ginger & Clay** – THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING! Yes, there are all kinds of health benefits of soaking in epsom salts, but that’s a bonus in comparison to the smell of these salts. I have not always been a big bath person. Sitting in a bathtub kinda yucks me out sometimes. BUT, this stuff has gotten me a little addicted to baths. My body temperature tends to run on the cooler side so I’m always cold. I started taking baths in the evenings this past winter to warm up my body temperature, relieve muscle tension, and calm myself before bed. The added benefit is the smell from the essential oils lingers in the bathroom for a couple days. I get a 3lb. bag from either Target or Amazon.Dr. Teal's epsom salt ginger and clay
  • NBC’s This Is Us. I am willing to bet that by now you’ve heard of this new TV series that started last Fall. If you haven’t watched This Is Us, you’re missing out. It is beautiful and heartbreaking and wonderfully written, filled with twists and surprises and all the goodness and hardness of relationships. I believe it is one of the most emotionally intelligent shows currently on TV. So, if you haven’t gotten into it yet because you’re waiting for it to “finish so you can binge watch it” or “you don’t want to cry” or whatever, stop. Watch it. You won’t be sorry. And you won’t be able to choose a favorite character either. They’re all so complexly wonderful.



  • The phrase “Does this add value to my life?” / The Minimalists – I recently started listening to the Minimalists’ podcast and this is one phrase they mention often. I have been trying to use that more in my daily life to determine what fits in with the life I want for myself and what doesn’t. I want to live a more intentional and meaningful life and I think that question is a great place to start. Now, I will say that the Minimalist podcast is anything but minimal, which is wholly ironic to me. I was pumped when I heard about them thinking they would have golden-nugget-filled, quick (ahem…minimal) episodes that I could turn on while I ate lunch or folded laundry. Not so. The episodes range from 1-2+ hours each! Get ready to invest some time into these episodes.


My current Leave is sadly the recent Denzel Washington and Viola Davis film Fences. I had such high hopes for this film because of all the award nominations it received and because I really enjoy Viola Davis. I love the strength she brings to the roles she plays (hello How to Get Away With Murder!), but sadly I did not enjoy this movie. Viola Davis was amazing, but the film was odd for TV, if that makes sense. It was like watching a play on TV with very little scene changes and long monologues. I have a feeling I would have been much more into it had I gone to a theater and watched it live rather than on screen. So, despite it’s high ratings and 93% rotten tomatoes score, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Did you see the movie? What did you think? Am I totally off?


Thanks for reading my second LLL. Chime in with any thoughts or suggestions or things you’re into these days. I’d love to hear!


  • Dominique C commented on April 25, 2017 Reply

    Ben made me watch Fences and I slept though the entire thing. I won when he said “you were rightly after the movie because it was so.dang.boring. Good as a theatrical play maybe, not as a movie.

    I’ve been dying to watch this is us, AND I really want to try that face moisturizer of yours! Such a fun blog idea- loving the LLL!

  • Lindsay commented on April 23, 2017 Reply

    I’ve been on the fence about Fences (

    • Heidi commented on April 24, 2017 Reply

      I feel you, Lindsay. The final 15 minutes were so powerful that it almost redeemed the rest.

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