Edition 1: LOVES, Likes, + Leaves (LLL)

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I’m going to start a new (monthly? weekly?…who knows) blog series where I share some things that I am currently loving, liking, and leaving.

Before I dive in with the fun things I have to share with you, I figured I’d give a quick synopsis of each category so you know what to expect from this crazy idea I concocted over the weekend.

LOVES = These will be anything (people, places, ideas, products, etc.) that I basically can’t get enough of and I find myself wanting to tell everyone I know about them.
Likes = Anything that I think is pretty great, helpful, or useful and that I find myself continually going back to.
Leaves = “Ditching” is probably a better word than leaving, but Ditch doesn’t start with an L, so Leave it is. These will be things that I’m eliminating because they either aren’t adding value to my life, I’m trying to encourage better habits, or I just didn’t enjoy (i.e. that movie we watched over the weekend).

I’m excited to share some of my faves and hopefully introduce you to some new things!

Without further ado, I give you the first installment of my LOVES, Likes + Leaves (LLL).


  •  The Idea Box Kids - I recently mentioned these on my social media channels, but I think they are worth repeating. These boxes are genius. I’m not entirely sure why I’m enamored with these, but I am. Maybe it’s the concept of quality time or the creativity aspect or thinking outside the box (no pun intended). I am always brainstorming gift ideas for my nieces and nephews and friends’ kids that are more about experiences rather than toys or “stuff”.The Idea Kids Box gift ideaThese boxes provide 60 wooden coins that have prompts, activities, or ideas that teach kids simple life skills. For example, “weigh various items”, “toss cotton balls into a jar”, “learn how to do a load of laundry.” There is even a Date Night box for kids and their parents, and a Teacher box (hint: great Teacher gift idea!). Moms, there are Big Sister, Big Brother boxes as well as Potty Training Incentives. A few other personal favorites: Backyard, Story Time, Senses, Life Skills, Airplane.
  • A Man Called OveThe book AND the movie. I am in a book club and last month was my turn to offer book selections. The way we pick books in our group is that one person offers up 3 book choices that they would like to read. The rest of the group then votes (very formally via Facebook poll) on the three books offered. It’s a win-win because everyone feels like they have a say in the book selection. I did some research and picked best sellers from a few years back, including A Man Called Ove (pronounced “oo-vay”), thinking I was real smart and we wouldn’t have trouble finding the book. Wrong. We discovered that four other local book clubs had chosen the same book! Nonetheless, we read it and everyone LOVED it. It was an unexpected delight for all of us, even the admitted skeptics. I highly recommend it and the (subtitled) movie which was released on Amazon in March (FREE with Prime!). I do recommend reading the book first. You get so much more context.man-called-ove


  • No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Bars – Need I say more? And…they’re vegan. And they’re delicious. And they don’t use sugar. And I want some right now. Thanks to my sister-in-law for introducing me to these.
  • Baggu reusable bags. I have used these bags for years and carry one with me at almost all times. I’m a little OCD when it comes to folding mine back up and keeping them in their sleeves, but they slide perfectly into a small purse or laptop bag. And, check out all their adorable bright colors and patterns for Spring! They make great gifts too.baggu

Anthurium / Petal / Peach Flamingo


My Leave is notifications on my phone. In an effort to minimize distractions or interruptions throughout my day and be more present in my real world, I have disabled most notifications on my phone. No more “so and so liked your photo” on instagram, no retweets or Facebook message notifications. No email alerts, and I keep my phone on silent 95% of the time. It is incredibly easy to have your phone glued to your hands and your eyeballs constantly checking the screen, but I don’t want my days to be dictated by my phone and I’m hoping this will help.

For the record, I did keep news alerts so I have a window into what is happening in the world. I can’t be a complete hermit.


Welp, that’s it! Thanks for reading and checking out my first LLL. Chime in with any thoughts or suggestions or things you’re into these days. I’d love to hear!

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