DIY paper pinwheels tutorial

My friend Jenny bakes killer cakes. It’s her thing. They are big and beautiful and dense and amazing. And then, to top them off, she makes these adorable paper pinwheels that just take her cakes to a whole different level, as evidenced by this birthday cake she just whipped up for me a couple years ago.


When I hosted a Valentine’s event last year, I asked Jenny to do the cake for the evening. It was beautiful and probably my favorite part of the event. How cute, right?!

Haven Paperie Valentine's event cake

photo credit: Kate Miller

paper pinwheels

I recently asked her if she would show me how she makes the paper pinwheels she uses for cake toppers so I could share it. She did even better and sent me a link to this post, which had everything nicely laid out and illustrated.

Give them a try, and if you do, send a photo our way so we can see the cuteness!

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