April: Letter Writing Nights in Indy

letter-writing-nightsApril is National Letter Writing Month, so what better way to participate than doing a couple local events where we intentionally sit and pen those letters we keep meaning to write! Everyone has those cards or pretty sheets of paper that they bought with good intentions to write more letters. Grab those very items and join me.

I’ll be stationed at a couple locations throughout the month and would love for you to come have a seat next to me and write a letter or two or three.

Homespun on Mass Ave in downtown Indy and the Agrarian have graciously offered to host us.

  • Thursday, April 13 at 6-8PM, Homespun
  • Thursday, April 20 at 3-5PM, Agrarian

What will be provided?

Haven Paperie will provide basic supplies (paper, pens, markers, envelopes) and stamps to ensure your mail is ready to go.

What should I bring?

  • Cards or stationery you have on hand and want to use
  • Fun pens or writing instruments you want to use
  • A friend or two…because things are more fun with friends

Make It An Event!

Grab a drink or food nearby before or after! You’re welcome to bring a snack with you.

There are lots of fun spots on Mass Ave to get a beverage or good food.

In SoBro, check out Tiny House Treats ice cream parlor right next door to Agrarian. Walk across the street and grab some fresh local fare, a lemon shake-up or even an afternoon coffee from Locally Grown Gardens. Or, grab a quick donut at The Dancing Donut.

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