I’m Heidi, the owner and designer of Haven Paperie and this little space here where I write and ramble about life and design.

I am a leftie in a right-handed world who is slightly obsessed with typography and fonts and clean, simple design. When dining at a restaurant, I am the one who isn’t ready to order when the server visits the table, because I am pouring over the layout and design of the menu while everyone else is drooling over the food. I am the one straggling behind while walking down the streets because I’ve stumbled upon a store front with an amazing window display or logo that is begging to be admired and photographed.

I love to host. It’s kind of my thing, and I will actually admit I am good at it.

I am instantly motivated by the smell of coffee, and constantly inspired by people and their creativity.

I love music, though I am not musical. As secular as it can be, music can feel like worship for me.

Ice cream runs in my genes, and I want to travel the world.

I observe and take in my environment as simply as most people breathe. It’s what makes me say I’m a designer to the core. It just happens. It’s a part of me.

My mind creates during those moments between awake and asleep. This blog is an outpouring of a lot of those creative moments.

I created Heth Design in 2004 and began life as a freelance graphic designer doing custom work of all kinds, from wedding invitations to web design. In 2013, I began to develop the idea for a stationery subscription service and in 2014 Haven Paperie was born.